Impacts of Afforestation on Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Communities in India

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Project Documents

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2021 Vijay Ramprasad
Harry Fischer
Pushpendra Rana
Anthony Fillipi
Burak Guneralp
Forrest Fleischman
Publications Coleman, E.A., Schultz, B., Ramprasad, V. et al. Limited effects of tree planting on forest canopy cover and rural livelihoods in Northern India. Nat Sustain (2021).
2021 Harry Fischer
Vijay Ramprasad
Pushpendra Rana
Publications Fleischman, Forrest, Shishir Basant, Harry Fischer, Divya Gupta, Gustavo Garcia Lopez, Prakash Kashwan, Jennifer S. Powers, Vijay Ramprasad, Pushpendra Rana, Archi Rastogi, Claudia Rodriguez Solorzano, and Marissa Schmitz. 2021. "How politics shapes the outcomes of forest carbon finance." Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 51:7-14. doi:
2020 Ashwini Chhatre
Eric Coleman
Harry Fischer
Burak Guneralp
Publications Fleischman, Forrest, Shishir Basant, Ashwini Chhatre, Eric A Coleman, Harry W Fischer, Divya Gupta, Burak Güneralp, Prakash Kashwan, Dil Khatri, Robert Muscarella, Jennifer S Powers, Vijay Ramprasad, Pushpendra Rana, Claudia Rodriguez Solorzano, and Joseph W Veldman. 2020. "Pitfalls of Tree Planting Show Why We Need People-Centered Natural Climate Solutions." BioScience 70 (11):947-950. doi: 10.1093/biosci/biaa094.
2020 Forrest Fleischman Publications Ramprasad, V., A. Joglekar and F. Fleischman. 2020. Plantations and pastoralists: afforestation activities make pastoralists in the Indian Himalaya vulnerable. Ecology and Society 25 (4):1. [online] URL:
2020 Burak Guneralp
Anthony Filippi
Publications Ma, A., A. M. Filippi, Z. Wang, Z. Yin, D. Huo, X. Li, and B. Güneralp. 2020. "Fast Sequential Feature Extraction for Recurrent Neural Network-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification." IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing:1-18. doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2020.3018449.
2019 Anthony Filippi Publications Ma, Andong, M. Anthony Filippi, Zhangyang Wang, and Zhengcong Yin. 2019. "Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Similarity Measurements-Based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks." Remote Sensing 11 (2). doi: 10.3390/rs11020194.