Tropical Deciduous Forests of South Asia: Monitoring Degradation and Assessing Impacts of Urbanization

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Project Documents

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2021 Sarika Khanwilkar
Chris Galetti
Nandini Velho
Ruth DeFries
Pinki Mondal
Publications Baquie, S., J. Urpelainen, S. Khanwilkar, C. Galletti, N. Velho, P. Mondal, H. Nagendra, and R. DeFries. "Migration, Assets, and Forest Degradation in a Tropical Deciduous Forest of South Asia." Ecological Economics 106887 (2020).
2021 Meghna Agarwala
Sarika Khanwilkar
Pinki Mondal
Sandra Basque
Harini Nagendra
Publications DeFries, R., Agarwala, M., Baquie, S., Choksi, P., Khanwilkar, S., Mondal, P., Nagendra, H., & Uperlainen, J. (2021). Improved household living standards can restore dry tropical forests. Biotropica, 00, btp.12978.
2021 Pinki Mondal
Harini Nagendra
Johannes Urpelainen
Ruth DeFries
Publications Choksi, P., D. Singh, J. Singh, P. Mondal, H. Nagendra, J. Urpelainen, and R. DeFries. "Sensitivity of Seasonal Migration to Climatic Variability in Central India." Environmental Research Letters (submitted).
2021 , Publications Khanwilkar, S., C. Gould, R. DeFries, B. Habib, and J. Urpelainen. "LPG Adoption by Marginalized, Forest-Fringe Populations in Central India." Energy Policy (in press).
2020 Sandra Basque Publications DeFries, R., Agarwala, M., Baquie, S., Choksi, P., Dogra, N., Preetha, G.S., Khanwilkar, S., Mondal, P., Nagendra, H., ; Urpelainen, J. , Post-lockdown spread of COVID-19 from cities to vulnerable forest-fringe villages in Central India , Curr. Sci. ; 1(119): 52-58, 20200710.
2020 Publications Mondal, Pinki, Sonali Shukla McDermid, and Abdul Qadir. "A Reporting Framework for Sustainable Development Goal 15: Multi-Scale Monitoring of Forest Degradation Using Modis, Landsat and Sentinel Data." Remote Sensing of Environment 237 (2020): 111592.